Courtesy of my buddy Steven Fabian, I’ve learned that Robert Durst (of HBO’s The Jinx, for those of you living under a rock) is suspected of additional murders in California. One murder may have taken in my favorite city and home away home- Eureka, California.

If you watched The Jinx, you know that Durst had a home in Trinidad, a small coastal town about 20 miles north of Eureka. A brief recap: In December of 2000, after flying into Trinidad, Durst is suspected of driving down the California coast to Los Angeles to kill his friend and confidante Susan Berman. It’s presumed that Durst’s recent arrest for murder is tied to this case.

In 1997, three years prior to that deadly trip, Robert Durst became friends with a local Eureka woman, Karen Mitchell. Durst frequently visited her when she volunteered at a local homeless shelter and at her job at Bayshore Mall. Mitchell, remembered as a caring young teen, just shy of her 17th birthday , was known in the community for her dedication to helping the less fortunate.

Mitchell vanished November 25th,1997, after leaving her job at the mall in the late afternoon. According to Matt Birckbeck, who wrote extensively on the case in his book, A Deadly Secret, Eureka PD were able to verify that Durst flew into Eureka-Arcata Airport that very morning.

An eye witness gave a description to police of an older man that he saw Mitchell get into a car with on that day. The description had enough detail to allow the Eureka PD to release a sketch of the suspect. Birkbeck claims that the eyewitness happened to be a neighbor of  Durst and has since fled the area.

Comparison to Durst below. Creepy.