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    The Easiest 12 Dollars (or 50,000) An Hour You’ll Ever Make

The Easiest 12 Dollars (or 50,000) An Hour You’ll Ever Make

Illustrations by: Elise Duxbury,

I. History

A friend of mine approached me at some point during my Junior year of high school with a deal that seemed too good to be true. A businessman was looking to hire interns and he was paying well above the going rate for cheap high school labor. The friend was a trusted buddy and […]

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Robert Durst & A Eureka Disappearance

Courtesy of my buddy Steven Fabian, I’ve learned that Robert Durst (of HBO’s The Jinx, for those of you living under a rock) is suspected of additional murders in California. One murder may have taken in my favorite city and home away home- Eureka, California.

If you watched The Jinx, you know that Durst had a home in Trinidad, a […]

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More Coyotes Mockups

I read recently that the Coyotes are looking for a new agency. 

Going through my posts you can see that I enjoy mocking up marketing images/videos, especially hockey ones. Since it’s Friday- here’s a new one. It plays into the idea that the Coyotes are the perennial underdogs, every year, and hell- why not embrace it?


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Game of Thrones & Stanley Cup Final Concept Promo

As a former L.A. resident, born and bred on Bay Area sports and now currently living in Arizona (and a fan of the Coyotes, too), I don’t feel a ton of emotion about the Stanley Cup Finals. I may watch them, I may not. I also happen to HATE HATE HATE all the TNT NBA movie/playoff crossover promotions. I […]

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Cutting Room Floor – Tyson Nash Interview

In the May edition of CST magazine, I interviewed Tyson Nash, formerly of the St. Louis Blues and Phoenix Coyotes. He now serves as the Coyotes TV Color analyst for Fox Sports Arizona. It was a fun interview, Tyson is an engaging guy and was more than generous with his time. The angle for the interview was interesting, as […]

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White Knuckled at 35,000 Feet

My earliest brush with death came when I was 12 years old and I had no concept of it at the time. It was one of those strange coincidences that you look back on half terrified and half amused (depending on which parts you’re thinking about, I suppose). It’s a story I sometimes tell whenever the subject of airlines […]

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