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Graduation Advice For Film Students

It’s graduation time for college kids & I suppose people have read a lot of “do this do that” crap from various writers & heard a lot of “Believe in yourself and all good things will come” graduation speeches. As a very “standard” video/editor dude (that’s what I put on my business cards, brilliant stuff) I’ve been asked 3 […]

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A Tiny Bit Of Caution


3 years ago a friend introduced me to Tyler Batson. Tyler had just returned from Kenya (he had been before) armed with hours upon hours of footage that he wanted to transform into a documentary illuminating the strength of the Kenyan people as they recovered from the brutality of post-election violence.

The promotional trailer is under my projects tab for […]

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Conversations & Opportunity

A few weeks ago, I sat around a fire at the Arizona Biltmore and talked with a New York Times best selling author. This particular author, Maddox, I’ve been keeping track of since my high school years. My friends and I would send his hilarious rants about children’s artwork or hippies back and forth monthly- we hero¬†worshiped¬†him for daring […]

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Losing and Chuck Lorre

It’s liberating to lose an argument. I hate it, really really really hate it, but there’s absolutely nothing like getting your ass handed to you by someone who beats you at your own game. That moment when you stare into space going “Shit, I think it’s over.” That precise second when you realize anything you say back won’t circumvent […]

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On Structure

Of late, my time has been taken up with shaping, filming and cutting a reality project. I’m learning the ins and outs of how not only to potentially sell a project- but really brushing up on my ideas of form and how to capture the essence of a story in a short amount of time.

The first cut of my […]

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Humboldt Stories: Boston

This was written about my good friend, Boston, many moons ago. At the time he was working for a bank and I didn’t want to risk his identity coming out- but now he’s off to Thailand to teach English/party/pull a Hangover movie, so I’m sure he’ll comment on this story at some point. Enjoy.

Boston was from Boston through and […]

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