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Humboldt Stories: Jim

My series of stories about Humboldt continue. Hope you’re enjoying them.

While myself and my two roommates only stayed at the ranch for less than a year, when you have a property that numbers in the thousands of acres, someone has to be there year round. Enter Jim.

I’ve been going to the Ranch ever since I could walk and […]

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Humboldt Stories: The Homeless Taxi Part Two

If you missed part one, you can read it here. Otherwise, enjoy. More stories later this week.

I distinctly remember lighting up a cigarette to mask (or at least lessen) the taste of the god-awful hobo drink I had stupidly swigged. My mouth tasted like a combination of hopeless and hungover. The good willed drifter who had promised us a […]

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Humboldt Stories: The Homeless Taxi Part One

One of the reasons I started this blog was to jumpstart my writing. I’m the sort of person who writes in fits and bursts. It’s horrible, it lacks discipline and it’s a terrible way to develop as a writer. I can go for weeks on end angrily eyeing my computer, willing myself to sit down and start typing- but […]

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Will The League Pretend There is Football if There is no Football?


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Lies, Lies Lies: Studio Marketing

Watch this new TV spot for The Green Lantern, opening this Friday.


Pretty standard, right? Quick ad, only 17 seconds, cool shots, some REALLY glowing reviews that would seem to tell us that this movie is getting rave reviews across the board.


Let’s break it down.

0:06 Trey Alexander,
“Action Packed”

Not only are there NO reviews listed on, […]

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Interesting People: Jeff Waldman

I lived with Jeff for the better part of 2 months on my family ranch in Humboldt County. While up there, in addition to pursuing with vigor the idea that you CAN live off of irish whiskey and a slop we called, “Poor Man Stew,” Jeff often talked about whatever interesting projects (and there were many) he was up […]

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