Robert Durst & A Eureka Disappearance

Courtesy of my buddy Steven Fabian, I’ve learned that Robert Durst (of HBO’s The Jinx, for those of you living under a rock) is suspected of additional murders in California. One murder may have taken in my favorite city and home away home- Eureka, California.

If you watched The Jinx, you know that Durst had a home in Trinidad, a […]

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More Coyotes Mockups

I read recently that the Coyotes are looking for a new agency. 

Going through my posts you can see that I enjoy mocking up marketing images/videos, especially hockey ones. Since it’s Friday- here’s a new one. It plays into the idea that the Coyotes are the perennial underdogs, every year, and hell- why not embrace it?


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Game of Thrones & Stanley Cup Final Concept Promo

As a former L.A. resident, born and bred on Bay Area sports and now currently living in Arizona (and a fan of the Coyotes, too), I don’t feel a ton of emotion about the Stanley Cup Finals. I may watch them, I may not. I also happen to HATE HATE HATE all the TNT NBA movie/playoff crossover promotions. I […]

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Cutting Room Floor – Tyson Nash Interview

In the May edition of CST magazine, I interviewed Tyson Nash, formerly of the St. Louis Blues and Phoenix Coyotes. He now serves as the Coyotes TV Color analyst for Fox Sports Arizona. It was a fun interview, Tyson is an engaging guy and was more than generous with his time. The angle for the interview was interesting, as […]

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A Tiny Bit Of Caution


3 years ago a friend introduced me to Tyler Batson. Tyler had just returned from Kenya (he had been before) armed with hours upon hours of footage that he wanted to transform into a documentary illuminating the strength of the Kenyan people as they recovered from the brutality of post-election violence.

The promotional trailer is under my projects tab for […]

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