Incorporating video into any sort of marketing/PR campaign has pretty much become second nature to the vast majority of business across the U.S.

Two quick and very different examples illustrate how effective multimedia presentations can be.

Charley Territo at American Traffic Solutions¬†is a brilliant communicator. Earlier this year, he quickly recognized the need to effectively message to individual¬†communities across the country as ATS readied to launch it’s brand new product, CrossingGuard. Together, he and I developed a template that could be replicated with decisionmakers and leaders in each new market.

I’d arrive, meet with clients, city leaders and law enforcement and shoot interviews about the needs of the community and how CrossingGuard was going to help them protect school children.

20,000 hits later, we had a bonafide news story that local news was quick to jump on.

While working with Defero, I was tasked with quickly developing a client video to quickly and simply explain how their new credit processing system worked. Using a green screen system, professional narration and a hand model we executed about 12 different iterations of the video below before settling on our final product. We also were able to get this particular project done in a very limited window to launch with their new system.

Emphasizing the simplicity of the product, focusing on the different levels of interaction and ease of use made this video effective.