Project Description

Above: My designs for a new Phoenix Coyotes print/media campaign. Below a brief history and explanation.

In 2013 the Phoenix Coyotes launched two media campaigns. The first campaign was a simple straightforward message “Here To Stay” emphasizing stability and long term commitment to the Valley of the Sun after years of uncertainty. I liked this campaign- it was a statement and was something the Coyotes could build on. Alas, it was ditched immediately before the season in favor of the current campaign “Hungrier Than Ever.”

I didn’t (and still don’t) care for the slogan. It could be representative of any number of teams in any number of sports. A missed opportunity especially given the unique history of the Coyotes and their success under extreme circumstances.

At the time I cut up an ad that the team was airing with my own shots/music added in. My goal was to pay more respect the local fans and recent history.

Obviously, I favor a more bold “in your face” style.

Later in 2013, The James Agency, a Scottsdale based ad agency released their rejected concept “Rally The Pack.”

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The James Agency


A step in the right direction- acknowledging an “us vs them” mentality. Encouraging action. I get it. But still, it felt like it wasn’t the attention grabber that the Coyotes previous campaign “Hockey The Hard Way” was – in fact that effort is worth a mention here:

The Phoenix Coyotes

The Phoenix Coyotes

Memorable. Iconic. Take the big raps on the team and play into it. Damn near perfect wordplay.

Obviously, we aren’t going to go backwards, no matter how much I might want to. However, I wondered if I could design a more engaging campaign that paid respect the good work done by the “Hockey the Hard Way” campaign. The Kennedy/Tippett images above are the result of that attempt.