I’m an off and on writer. Probably the worst sort. But, over the years I’ve written some scripts/pitches and other projects that you might find interesting. A number of my projects are Humboldt County related. My roots are from the Eureka area and I absolutely love the “Lost Coast”┬ávibe that permeates the characters and surrounding geography.


One such project, entitled The Ranch is a horror movie script (that I may shoot on the cheap some day). Feel like reading a 50 page preview? Here it is.

The Ranch – Revised 12.21

Another Humboldt related project I’m dabbling with is more likely a TV series. The premise deals with a couple of regular guys, who are faced with a… well let’s just say tough business decision. Here’s a 12 page preview of that project.


I also have a series of stories about my time living in Humboldt County. I may add to this series, so keep checking my blog for more.

Humboldt Stories: Boston

Humboldt Stories: Jim

Humboldt Stories: The Homeless Taxi Part One

Humboldt Stories: The Homeless Taxi Part Two

always sunny log


And finally a spec script for one of my favorite TV shows, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. In my spec script, Charley is able to get the gang to Las Vegas… well maybe. Enjoy an 8 page preview below.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia –The Gang Goes to Vegas