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Solving Problems

Your company knows morale is low among your best employees. 50% of your team is unsatisfied with company communication about major decisions. Why? How do you fix it?

You're running a political campaign (maybe you're the gentleman pictured to the right) and you need to reach millennial voters. What kind of targeted campaign videos do you create? How and when do you deploy them? More about that below.

You're a small business owner. You're an award winner in your field. But your brand recognition is low - how do you drastically raise your profile without drastically raising your budget?

You're probably not in any of these exact situations, but I'll bet you have some of these types of universal business problems. 

Collaborating with stakeholders and diagnosing the issues underlying the above scenarios each presented some unique challenges. 

To give just one example:

To fix company morale, we developed a cadence of communication, listened to employee surveys and broadcast our company "Town Halls" over the internet to remote employees. 

We went from a 50% dissatisfaction rate to a 70% satisfaction rate in less than a year.

political consulting

How do you reach Facebook users, when the majority of them only glance/scroll past ads? Easy - use text and stand out from the crowd. 

This simple Facebook ad was a big hit for Gov. Johnson's campaign. 

When you're up against a billion dollars, stretching every dollar is essential.