Business & Political public relations

Solving Problems

Your company knows morale is low among your best employees. 50% of your team is unsatisfied with company communication about major decisions. Why? How do you fix it?

You're running a political campaign (maybe you're the gentleman pictured to the right) and you need to reach millennial voters. What kind of targeted campaign videos do you create? How and when do you deploy them? More about that below.

You're a small business owner. You're an award winner in your field. But your brand recognition is low - how do you drastically raise your profile without drastically raising your budget?

You're probably not in any of these exact situations, but I'll bet you have some of these types of universal business problems. 

Collaborating with stakeholders and diagnosing the issues underlying the above scenarios each presented some unique challenges. 

To give just one example:

To fix company morale, we developed a cadence of communication, listened to employee surveys and broadcast our company "Town Halls" over the internet to remote employees. 

We went from a 50% dissatisfaction rate to a 70% satisfaction rate in less than a year.


Gov. Gary Johnson - running for president

How do you reach Facebook users, when the majority of them only glance/scroll past ads? Easy - use text and stand out from the crowd. Effective political public relations zeroes in on the exact crowd you're trying to reach.

This simple Facebook ad was a big hit for Gov. Johnson's campaign. 

When you're up against a billion dollars, stretching every cent is essential. 

Governor Johnson had a wonderfully unique story to tell as he ran for President. Small business owner, leader, and world class athlete. 

We wanted to let people know that the Governor was approachable, active, athletic and fit to be President.

Building political momentum should come from a place of authenticity.

Our goal with this video was to let voters know that a unique Presidential candidate had unique supporters. 

Get out the vote strategies

I created, produced and executed a video campaign for Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego that emphasized her record on jobs and solving problems. 

These short ads were designed to target young voters on mobile platforms with succinct messages to GOTV.

Sharing the marketing wealth

How do you drive people to an emerging destination? Share the wealth. We decided to feature our friends in a recent campaign to drive Phoenicians north to Cottonwood, AZ. 

Sales are up, YoY 11%. 

Sharing the wealth means embracing your supporters. 

And when your supporters are James Beard Award winning chefs, you get them on video. 

Nobuo Fukuda is one of Arizona's culinary treasures and I developed a marketing series around this pilot episode of "Pillsbury Pairings."

Building Corporate Morale

This series, "My Story" is designed to boost company morale after a series of acquisitions and rapid domestic and international growth, left people feeling disconnected. Video has the ability to cross states and oceans and unite people under a common goal.

lon's - changing the story

You're an innovative chef, renowned for your skills and your restaurant. But you need to remind people that you're more than just a gorgeous, classic destination. No, you're on the cutting edge of the farm to table movement and proud of it. 

How do you do that?

Show your guests. Let's get hands on.