Video Portfolio

Below you will find a broad sampling of my work. It includes national political commercials, on location work for municipalities and even a dog charity video. 

In short, if you can dream it, I can produce it. 

Smart and Safe Bus

Smart Cities require Smart Solutions. I produced this piece from beginning to end. On location photo shoot, coupled with fine tuned messaging to deliver a customer oriented message.

Political Public relations

I produced targeted video pieces for Mayor Kate Gallego to deliver crucial messages on her behalf. 

This video was created to speak to Real Estate professionals across the Valley and earn their support for Kate Gallego's vision for a better downtown and a better Phoenix.

Special event videography

Winemaker Sam Pillsbury and Lon's Executive Chef prepare an evening celebrating Arizona's unique culinary traditions.

Public Sector PSA work

In a busy and vibrant city like Seattle, city officials are concerned about school bus safety. This video outlines their plan to combat dangerous driving around school buses.

A fun collaboration between the Chicago Cubs and Mesa PD aimed at encouraging responsible behavior in and around Spring Training. 

product launches

Launching their first product in over 5 years, American Traffic Solutions needed to quickly and effectively explain StreetSafe to eager customers.

sports marketing


NFL tight end Joseph Fauria announced his recovery from knee surgery with this inspirational video.


This concept video was my love letter to a series that could have crossed over very well with my favorite sport in terms of a fun marketing campaign. It's a bit dated, but I still like it. 


I'm a long suffering Arizona Coyotes fan and season ticket holder. I've also been a tad bit disappointed in many of their marketing campaigns. So I made one myself emphasizing the uniqueness of toughness of both the Coyotes team and their fanbase. 

creative television pitches


In collaboration with DMC (of Run DMC fame) and Translight Pictures, I served as an editor and producer on this reality show concept pitch, centered around young, positive, hip hop talent.


A reality show based around my friend, Sam Pillsbury. Sam was the Peter Jackson before Peter Jackson. A legendary New Zealand filmmaker who ended up in the deserts of Arizona, launching a vineyard. 

Hilarity ensued (and continues to ensue).


This fun tv sizzle reel was designed around the growing number of celebrities who obsess over and love their four legged friends. 

business commercials

Celebrating over 30 years in business, American Traffic Solutions wanted to re-assert itself as the market leader in their field.